Work begins at the Old Mill

I wish it was as easy as in the dream: the plan is sketched on the paper, boxes ticked, the castle arises from the ruin in a blink of a moment.

This castle had got a long way to go though. But if you don’t start, you don’t finish.

Job number 1: the doorway goes between two studio rooms. It is a long 3 full day process for both Mark and I. The walls are 40 cm thick and are made of granite. The progress is slow, painful and very very messy.

Mark hammering the doorway through

Job number 2: As you think you are progressing, other things kick you backwards. The windowsills are completely rotten and stones are falling out. All got re-built again.

Granite in deteriorating lime, stones are collapsing to the floor when the windowsills are taken off

Job number 3: mess is cleared. Messy floors can be even more depressing than rotten windows. A day of hard work, and all the rubble is gone!

I can’t believe so much rubble comes from one tiny banged through doorway!

A few more unnecessary jobs are out of the way. Roofer invited to fix the massive roof waterfall!

Bye-bye old staircase! It is nice to see you gone. The hole will get closed, and once it will be a beautiful wall for the wall art.

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