Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is a time of big changes and not only in your body either! While it goes through a very demanding development process, it can be a lot of pressure on you emotionally. You may not feel too great, battling the sickness, swollen feet and insomnia, so it’s time for us to give you the feel of awesomeness and beauty.

Maternity photo sessions can be done either at The Photo Studio or on location.

There are plently of beautiful spots in Cornwall, the most popular being a beach. We can advise you on the best location for your dream images.

If you prefer cosy and indoors, we will gladly accomodate that at the studio.


Maternity photography is a beautiful way of securing that moment in time for ever

How does it work?

Once you book your session and we schedule the date and time, we greet you at the studio (or location).

You are welcome to bring up to 3 outfits of your choice for yourself and a variety of photos will be taken. With the different interior options, there will be lighter and darker sets, so we recommend to go with plain natural colours smart or smart-casual outfits in darker and lighter shades, without distracting patterns and stripes.

After the session we schedule the in-person viewing session which usually takes place 1 week later. Then you come to see your edited images presented in the slideshow and choose the photo package and wall art. We have lots of samples available for you to select the most suitable option for your home!

All our photo packages come as high resolution digital files on the USB with the matching 5×7″ prints.


To book your Maternity Photo Session
in Studio or on location is just


Non refundable session fee


Bump to Baby

Maternity +Newborn
2 Sessions in Studio

£95 £75

Non refundable session fee
One 5x7" print with each session

Bump to One

Maternity, Newborn,
Sitting up and 1 year old sessions in Studio

£185  £155

Non refundable session fee
One 5x7" print with maternity
Triplex album with 3 images



Now only £190

>up to 2 hours session
>full use of props and outfits
>in person viewing
>5 high resolution edited images on USB
>5 matching mounted 5x7" prints 



Now only £270

>Up to 2 hours session
>Full use of props and outfits
>Personal viewing appointment
>All images slideshow to music
>10 high resolution edited images on USB
>10 matching 5x7" prints 



Now only £350

Up to 2 hours session
Full use of props and outfits
In person viewing
All images slideshow to the music
25 high res. edited images on USB
15 matching 5x7" prints 
£50 off photo album
 £50 off newborn session
£100 off Wall Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear for the session?

A: On the day we always recommend to bring sets of black and white lingerie and black and white tank tops or plain t-shirts for mums-to be, as well as the nute colour lingerie set. We can supply the rest, and you are welcome to use some gowns from our maternity closet. For partner shots, it is recommended he brings a plain dark shirt/t-shirt without distracting patterns and logos, and the white one as well.

We are happy to offer you our growing gown collecttion for the maternity photo sessions! Please see the images in the gallery to see them in use.

Q: Can we bring our older children for the maternity session?

A: Yes of cause! They are mostly welcome to join! For clothes please bring smart shirt and trousers for boys and Sunday best dress for girls. We may have outfits for them too!

"Amazing photographer who photographed our family for many years, producing stunning pictures, would definitely recommend!"

Lesley Abbot

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