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It's so easy to forget how tiny and fragile babies are, when they are just born. And they grow so fast! With every day, something new happens: a smile, a gurgle, a giggle... And the memories of bump days are fading away, leaving space for new baby memories.


There is no need to go on about importance of images, taken during baby’s first days of life. One thing we can say, everyone we met, were glad to have them taken. And we’ve heard a lot of “I wish we had them done, when he/she were tiny...”

Time is vital for newborn photography! Let us help you to create these memories of lifetime.


Maryna is a trained Newborn photographer in Cornwall. She has been photographing babies since 2010. She has undergone specialist Newborn photography training with one of the leading Newborn photographer trainers in UK. It is to ensure your baby is the most safe during the Newborn session. You baby will be snug, comfortable and warm!

There is a variety of props and drops we use during the session. If you have anything special you’d like to bring, please feel free to do so.

10-14 days old is the age, recommended by most Newborn photographers. However, it does not have to be so. Usually babies are quite sleepy at this stage and much easier to pose. But we understand, that it is not always possible to have a photo session within this period. Maryna photographed babies who were much older, and still managed to achieve great results. Of cause, the little ones are unpredictable. There can be no guarantees. Because of that, we allow plenty of time for this type of session. It can take up to 4 hours, but sometimes may be longer. We strongly advise to avoid making plans and appointments on the day of the Newborn session.

Parents are mostly welcome to join the session with the little one or include siblings in the session too! We have stunning gowns for mums in our wardrobe, which you are welcome to use for the most amazing portraits.

To secure your time slot for Newborn Session, there is £60 fee payable at the time of the booking. There is no images included with the session fee. Please scroll down for the packages options,

The session fee is non-refundable, but if you do not like the images, we will happily refund.

After the session we schedule the in-person viewing session which usually takes place 7-10 days later. You are invited to the studio to view  your edited images presented in the slideshow. That is when you choose a photo package, wall art etc. We have a wide variety of frame styles available for you. There is a suitable option for any  home or budget! To view some of the wall-art options, please click HERE


Up to 4 hours

Newborn Photo Session in Studio


Session Fee

(no images are included with the session fee)



Bump to Baby Combo

Maternity + Newborn

Sessions in Studio


Combined Session Fee

(no images are included with the session fee)



My First Year Combo

Newborn, Sitter &

1 y.o Sessions in Studio

Now £125

Combined Session Fee

Triplex Album with three images

(one from each session)

Unlike other photographers, we do not hide our photo packages prices. Please view them below.

Dinky Toes


>full use of props and outfits

>Personal viewing appointment

>5 high res. edited images on USB


Chubby Cheeks


>full use of props and outfits

>Personal viewing appointment

>all images slideshow to the music

>10 high res. edited images on USB

>10 matching 5x7" prints


Little Dimples


>full use of props and outfits

>Personal viewing appointment

>all images slideshow to the music

>25 high res. edited images on USB

>25 matching 5x7" prints in storage box

>£100 off photo album

>£50 off Sitter session package

>£50 off Wall Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still have newborn photos if my baby is more than 14 days old?

A: Yes, you can! For the best results we recommend to have them 14 days old and under, however sometimes due to various circumstances parents miss the time slot. It depends very much on the baby if it settles. Some will sleep beautifully, the others will be more fussy, but nevertheless there still will be great shots.

Q: What happens if my baby doesn’t settle?

A: Little ones like to be warm and snug, as it is how they are for 9 months while in mummy’s tummy. While we do our best to keep the room warm, some babies do not like to be undressed and unconstrained. In such cases wrapping is the key. There is a variety of wraps available to match different colour themes for both boys and girls. Once wrapped up babies tend to go into deep sleep, then we move on to unswaddled poses. All babies sleeping eventually. It is the game of patience.

Q: Can we have family and siblings photos with the baby during the newborn session?

A: Of cause you can! We always encourage people to have them done!


"Amazing photographer who photographed our family for many years, producing stunning pictures, would definitely recommend!"


Lesley Abbot

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