Cornish Mermaids – mermaid photo sessions in Cornwall are now available!

Every little girl has once dreamt about becoming a mermaid! The underwater world is so full of mysteries and keeps to invite us to explore it. We do not offer to explore seas and oceans, but give you the chance to become a mermaid and have amazing images to remember these moments by. We offer mermaid photo sessions!

How did it start? I’ve been thinking about mermaids photo shoots for a while, but could not source a suitable tail. There is practically nothing available on the mass market here in UK. There are a few mermaid tail options in America, but logistics of them could make you wish for better. Also it is very hard to find the correct design of the tail. Lots of them are bright pink, blue, green and even rainbow! So you look at them and think, no, it is not how mermaids should look! Good old China offered a few of the options too, but to add to radio-nuclear colours was the worry about bad quality.

And then finally I found one, made by local mermaid Emily, whom I photographed a while ago! It is a full silicone tail – the most realistic one you can have, in beautiful golden shades! It will fit the mermaid of the size up to 12. I am sorry, larger mermaids, I am trying to find another beautiful tail in larger size at the moment.

After the trips to Hollywell bay beach and a few photoshoots with it, I realised some pros and cons of “mermaid “experience.

  1. The tail is rather heavy! When you try to swim in it, it’s probably not too bad, but when carrying it for 15 minutes from car park to the location, plus the camera bag and other photographic equipment and props on your back… Well, I am not going to try it again and have ordered the beach trolley now!
  2. To put it on, you will need to cover your bottom half with hair conditioner. It will help your body slide in easier.
  3. Be ready for chilly water. Cornwall has beautiful surroundings, but water temperature is not close to tropical. Also it can be chilly in the air too.
  4. We will not go into the sea for photographs but stay around the rocks and pools. It is very important not to hit high tide. On one of the sessions we have to move everything 3 times as water was catching up quickly.
  5. Once you have “grown” the tail, forget about your legs! You will not be able to manoeuvre easily between the rocks, like a real mermaid. But you can slide on the bottom in different directions.
  6. Silicone tails are extremely expensive not only to buy, but to repair too. I paid a small fortune for a tube of special silicone to repair little rips and tears

Mermaid photo session can be booked on our Fairytale page. Simply Click on £50 “Book now” button, then on the following page tick the box to add “mermaid photo shoot at Hollywell Bay” @ £100. Then complete the online process. You can also add make over too, if you like!

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, please drop me a line!

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